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An older woman smiles at the camera, wearing a bright blue shirt and red and yellow necklaces
Aug. 2015

Political Participation by Women with Disabilities in Areas Affected by Conflict

Written by Jessica Huber, International Foundation for Electoral Systems


Despite making up half of the population, women are excluded from equal political participation by prohibitive power dynamics embedded in culture, institutions and legal systems, all conditions which are exacerbated during conflict. For the disability community, the primary challenge involves a deeply disproportionate lack of services and the resultant exclusion from political processes at local, national and international levels. Women ...

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A man using a wheelchair looks up at a presentation board with writing on it.
July 2015

Persons with disability in Kosovo raising their voices

Written by Alan Wall and Brikena Avdyli, International Foundation for Electoral Systems


At the 2014 National Elections in Kosovo, the disability community was widely engaged in election observation for the first time, with 230 persons with disabilities deployed for the Disability Access Monitoring Mission. This observation mission was a part of IFES Kosovo’s USAID-funded project “Increasing Inclusion and Mitigating Violence in Electoral Processes”, and was implemented by IFES’s local ...

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A man leans over a table to assist a group working on a poster
May 2015

Georgian Youth: Addressing the Problems Faced by Persons with Disabilities

Written by Ramini Matcharashvili, Founder of Change for Equal Rights


Georgia is among the countries which are called developing democracies. In Georgia’s case, this means that despite many reforms that were implemented and success stories achieved through the process of reforms, numerous problems remain which need to be addressed and solved.  Problems faced by persons with disabilities in Georgia is among the most acute of these issues. Their engagement ...

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