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A man leans over a table to assist a group working on a poster
May 2015

Georgian Youth: Addressing the Problems Faced by Persons with Disabilities

Written by Ramini Matcharashvili, Founder of Change for Equal Rights


Georgia is among the countries which are called developing democracies. In Georgia’s case, this means that despite many reforms that were implemented and success stories achieved through the process of reforms, numerous problems remain which need to be addressed and solved.  Problems faced by persons with disabilities in Georgia is among the most acute of these issues. Their engagement ...

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A man using a wheelchair and wearing a suit smiles at the camera
May 2015

Political Advocacy in San Marino

Written by the Hon. Mirko Tomassoni, Founder of Attiva-Mente and former Member of Parliament of the Republic of San Marino


I have had a disability since 1998, when I was in a road accident. In 2004, I founded an association for disabled persons called Attiva-Mente which works in the fields of sports, culture and solidarity. One of our most remarkable sport-related initiatives was our participation in the 2004 ...

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A poll worker checks the fingerprint of a voter with a disability
May 2015

Building Election Accessibility in Nigeria

Written by Suraiya Zubair Banu, Program Associate at the International Foundation for Electoral Systems


Nigeria’s status as Africa’s most populous nation with the largest economy on the continent has brought an increasing amount of international attention, particularly during its most recent General Elections, which were held on March 28 and April 11, 2015. However, the country’s size and continuing infrastructure challenges also complicate efforts to provide basic rights ...

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