Population Statistics


Total Population


Population with a disability

according to World Health Organization’s 15% estimate

Election Dates


Iran Parliament 2020


23 October 2009

Ratified the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Presidential Electoral Law (2013)

Updated: June 2015

Article 39 states:

The trustworthy persons in this article [of the Board of Executive and the supervisors of the Guardian Council] must have faith in and practical obligation to Islam and the constitution, have a good reputation and be literate to read and write.


Excerpt from the Presidential Electoral Law (2013)

Elections Act of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (1999)

Updated: June 2015

Article 28, clause 2 states:

The candidates shall hold the following particulars when they are nominated:…

  • (6) Physical health to the extent of being able to see, hear and speak


Excerpt from the Elections Act of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (1999)