Electoral Rights & Responsibilities

Updated: September 2020
Screenshot of Poster named "Voters with Disabilities Rights & Responsibilities" with three voters on the front and text stating, "your rights."

In September 2020, the Combined Disabilities Association LTD (CDA) and the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) produced two posters of voter education, for the Jamaican public. The posters detail the rights and responsibilities that voters with disabilities have while exercising their right to vote. The posters are attached below, as well as a description of each. 


[The text of the first poster reads]


Voters with disabilities. Your rights and responsibilities. 

You have the right to vote if your name is on the list of electors. 

You can ask the Presiding Officer to mark your ballot according to your instructions in the presence of polling station staff and sworn agents of candidates. 

Having taken the Oath of Secrecy, no one, including your family member or trusted friend, is allowed to disclose how you voted.

According to the law, a family member or trusted friend can assist you to vote. 


[End of text]



[The text of the second poster reads] 


Your responsibilities: make a plan in advance for voting on Election Day! 

Know where your polling station is located. Contact the Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) to confirm your polling station:

Telephone: (876) 922-0425-9

Toll-Free: (888) 991-VOTE (8683)

or visit the EOJ's website at: www.ecj.com.jm

Identify a family member or trusted friend who can help you vote if you need assistance.

  • However, the laws state that no single person can assist more than one voter with a disability on Election Day.

Take your voter's identification card with you to the polling station to facilitate the identification process.

  • If you are unable to locate your voter identification card, you will still be allowed to vote after taking an oath and answering some questions.

After voting, dip your right index finger in the ink.

  • If you are missing your right index finger, the Presiding Officer will indicate which finger you should dip into the ink instead. You then leave the polling station.


  • Wear your mask and adhere to all relevant COVID-19 protocols.
  • Follow all legal instructions given by the Presiding Officer at the Polling Station.
  • Do NOT use your cellular phone inside the polling station.
  • Do NOT show anyone inside the polling station how you voting.


For more information contact us at:

18 Ripon Road, Kingston 5, Jamaica

Telephone: (876) 929-1177 or (876) 968-9784

Email: advocacy1981@yahoo.com

Website: www.combined-disabilities-association.org 


[End of text] 


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