Tune Up To Vote!

Updated: November 2020
Thazin Thiri Knit

Ahead of Myanmar's general elections in November 2020, the "Tune-Up to Vote" initiative, with support from the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), held a music contest to encourage the five million first-time voters to exercise their right to vote. The video below contains a performance by pianist Okka Oo Thar and singer Thazin Thiri Khet. A transcript of the video is available here



[Transcript Begins]


Okka Oo Tha: Today, we have a talented young singer, Thazin Thiri Knit, who is going to motivate us by singing this song. Your voice, your vote, your future. 


Thazin Thiri Knit: This song always encourages me every time I am feeling down and lost. 


(singing) "Walk as you believe... one day you will reach there." 


Everyone here knows this song, right? Please enjoy Lay Phyu's "Yone Kyi Yar" written by composer Thum Pu. Sing along everyone!


Walk on and believe everyone. I would like to thank Saya Okka Oo Thar for supporting me by playing the piano. Individuals who are over 18 have the right to vote as they see fit. Voters of any races, sexual orientation, religion and with disabilities have the right to vote freely. Please go vote for your brighter future. Vote in a safe way. Your voice, your vote, your future. 


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