Empowering Guatemalans with Disabilities to Vote

Updated: May 2016

This video for the 2011 Guatemalan general elections reminds voters with disabilities that nothing impedes them from casting their ballot and guiding their country's future as the Tribunal Supremo Electoral (TSE), Guatemala's electoral commission, implemented unprecedented measures to ensure access for all citizens.


Man: I don’t see the road, but with my vote, I know where I’m going.


Woman: I don’t walk, but with my vote, nothing stands in my way.


Woman 2: I don’t hear, but with my vote, I can express myself.


Man 2: (voiceover) Each voting center in the capital has braille ballots, helpers, access ramps and volunteers with disabilities in the Supreme Elections Tribunal.


Man 3: Your vote doesn’t see barriers.


Woman 3: It sees, it listens, and it feels.