Disability-friendly disaster rescue and relief

Updated: May 2016

This radio spot was produced in both English and Nepali after an earthquake took place in April 2015 in Nepal. It encourages all national and international rescue and relief agencies to keep persons with disabilities in mind, as they are oftentimes overlooked during disaster relief efforts, and yet have great need for support in post-disaster environments, amongst other citizens.




Woman: Let's not forget to pay attention to the needs of people with disability in our rescue and relief efforts. We all have been affected by the devastating earthquake, and people with disability have been affected even more.

Man: Therefore, let us ensure that rescue and relief is carried out with additional sensitivity; please take into consideration people with disability.

Woman: We remind all national and international NGOs, government agencies, and individuals to take into consideration the special needs of people with disabilities.

Man: Towards disability friendly disaster rescue and relief – The National Federation of the Disabled Nepal with support of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems and USAID.


-- End of transcript --