Inclusive Peace Messages

Updated: November 2019

With support from the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) produced a series of voter education radio messages to promote peace and inclusion in the May 21, 2019 elections. One of the messages specifically encouraged persons who are blind to vote. The radio messages are available for listening and transcripts are provided below.


Radio Spot 1: Assisting Blind Voters 


(Music plays in the background)


Man 1: Come 21st May, I want to pass my vote, but I’m worried about the violence that might happen at my polling station. You know that I’m blind, so if anything happens, I may not be able to get away.

Man 2: Why not just ask your daughter to go to the polling station with you?

Man 1: She will go on her own. Why would she go with me?

Man 2: If you take a family member or a trusted friend who is also a registered voter as your assistant, they can warn you if something happens and take you to a safe location.

Man 1: That’s a very great idea! I will definitely go cast my ballot.

Narrator: It is the duty of all citizens including those with disabilities to make your voice heard in Malawi’s elections. Your vote, your opinion truly matter. Voting is not only your right, it is your power. The future is now. Help decide the future of our country on May 21st. This message is brought to you by the Malawi Electoral Commission, MEC.


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Radio Spot 2: Every Vote Counts


(Music plays in the background)


Narrator: Attention all Malawians! Are you ready to go for the general election on May 21st? Make your voice heard and exercise your right to vote on election day. Every vote must count. Every voter must be able to believe in a free and fair election process. Every voter must believe in his or her meaningful contribution to democracy. You have a role to play in ensuring the elections are peaceful, credible and inclusive. This is a public service announcement from the Malawi Electoral Commission, MEC.


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