Kosovo is Better When Everyone is Included

Updated: January 2016

Ahead of parliamentary elections in June 2014, the domestic observer alliance Democracy in Action (DiA), HandiKos, and the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) carried out disability access monitoring during the campaign period and on Election Day. This public service announcement informs the public about the challenges voters with disabilities face, their rights and role as voters, and plans for the monitoring program.




(Participants are speaking in Albanian, with subtitles in Serbo-Croatian)

Narrator: It's our right to choose for ourselves.

Man sitting at desk: Hundreds of activists with disabilities will be monitoring the election as well as voting.

Woman: I will be monitoring and voting.

Narrator:  Don't allow decisions taken for us to be taken without us. Kosovo is better when everyone is included. 200,000 voters with disabilities can have a large impact.

Man using a wheelchair: Our vote is important!

Narrator: Go out and vote, June 8, 2014.


-- End of transcript --